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User Application

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track productivity

Admin Panel

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Android based application , that can be used on any smartphone.

Secure Login panel, admin can add employee using admin panel and generate credentials for them. Which can be used to login into easy caller

Leads added by admin can be seen on dashboard of the user application for fast access & high productivity

User can call each lead , change status and send them a text message with a click of a button.


Template can be used to set pre -defined template for WhatsApp messages and SMS. These messages can be send by clicking a single button. Hence eliminating the task of typing the message again and again.

Contacts and dashboard

Shows list of all the leads the user currently is responsible for.
Shows list of all the new leads that user can call as soon as he logs in.

Lead Status

Status panel shows the accumulated status result of all the leads handed to the user.
• All contacts ( Total leads)
• New Leads ( haven’t called yet)
• Active leads
• Follow up ( have to call again 0)
• Inactive leads ( not receiving )
• Dead lead ( Not interested )


The Dashboard panel is responsible for holding leads which are new and hence is the first screen when application is open. User can directly click on the call button to dial to the registered number of lead without wasting any time.

quick access pannel

Quick Access panel is used to directly send SMS or WhatsApp messages to leads with a click of a button. These messages can be predefined by adding a template in the settings panel. You can also see the past history and add notes about a lead by clicking on history button.


Shows the current status of lead and can also change the status.

Message history

Shows all the messages that has been send to the lead by the user. Along with date and time of the message.

Adding note

User can add notes about their conversation with the lead for future references. User can also see all the past notes that has been associated with the lead to maintain transparency and ease of communication.

Call recording

Users can record the conversation with the lead through easy call application. Enabling the user to store important information and details to listen later.


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